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Program - 'Power of Play'
(Preparing Bodies and Brain

Age requirement - 2 to 6 year olds

Enrollment process

      1. Go through the various blog posts, videos on our facebook or                  instagram page (links at the end of the page) and also the pages            of this website to get good basic understanding about Sahaj.

      2. If what you read interests you, then please send us an email at         to schedule a call with us or visit the 



       3.  If you wish to enroll , it is recommended that you and your child              experience Sahaj for atleast two weeks.

       4. If you finally choose to enroll,  then please fill in the

           Joining Questionnaire (JQ) . Please put your responses into an                 email and send it to us. We expect both parents to participate in              this important step  

       5. You also go through the suggested contribution details and pay                the financial contribution

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