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Co-founder, Facilitator, Storyteller, Conscious parent, Seeker

Neha is an Engineering graduate from the very beautiful city Mysore, worked for SAP Labs , Bangalore before getting married and shifting to Udaipur.


During her education after school , she started to realise that the current conventional schooling was not fulfilling what an education system should. She felt that the current system merely focussed on how to become economically productive and ignored other aspects of being human. Since then, she wanted to contribute in reforming and reimagining education.


She started attending various workshops and conferences, reading various books related to education and parenting. She worked as a facilitator at the workshops conducted by Flurn. She participated in the International Democratic Education Conference to contribute and learn from various democratic learning spaces across the globe.


She believes in the idea of self-driven learning and learning in natural settings. She believes that every child is gifted with innate intelligence and it is this intelligence that has to be preserved. The birth of her daughter only made her beliefs stronger and created an urge to commence Sahaj. She has been learning and unlearning in the journey.

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