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Let it go!

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

We have with us a 4.5 year old child.

One day, this child was playing. She took an orange crayon and started writing alphabets (A,B) as she had learnt at her previous school. She then wrote a X. She was then jumping from one X to another X while singing her favourite song, “Let it go” from the animated series Frozen.

I asked her, Oh, is the X the alphabet, X. She replied, "No, X is a wrong. Let me make a circle around it". (replicating how her conventional school teacher would do it.)

My heart was deeply saddened to witness this. At the same time, I was deeply grateful to the Universe for Sahaj where children can “Let it go”.

Whether the little child’s rendition of Let it go was an intentional act to let it go or was it random is something I would not know. But, since she only jumped on the X while singing the song, I wish from the bottom of my heart that she lets it go.

When children or even adults are given a space where they can have an opportunity to think, a chance to be their own self, a chance to be heard, human beings heal. It is a healed heart that will heal, it is a hurt heart that will hurt.

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